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Photos > O'Reilly Spring Nationals - March 2008
Another trip to Baytown began on Thursday, March 27th with first-timers Mike & Gail alongside for an exciting weekend of racing.  The weather forecast caused concern, but the weekend turned out beautiful.  After our camp was setup, James and his first-timer Ron showed up to visit.  Shortly thereafter (4:00 am) we convinced them to relocate from the rich peoples campground to the po' folk area.  Soon after Ronnie arrived.

We had several visitors throughout the weekend...  Tony & David, Tracy & Emi, and Krazy Kevin & Tina!  While the winds kept the speeds & times down, we were treated with watching Antrone Brown win his first every Top Fuel race. 


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Are we having fun yet?



We most certainly are!



What do you think Nani?



How the rich folk live!

Ron, Mike, Karen, James & Gail


What? Are we outta place?

Ron, Mike & Karen


Smile for the po' folk!

Mike, Karen & James


Whatcha ya talkin' 'bout... I'm with the rich folk!

Karen & James


What just happened!



Back in the hood



Aren't we cute?

James, Gail & Karen


Walkin' the dog!

Nani & Ronnie


My best side...

Karen & Mike


Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now!


This is how we roll!

Ronnie & Pat


At it again!



Pro-Mod Showdown


Cleanup on Aisle 9


Where are the rest of those cars?


That hurt my ears!


Pro Stock Burnout

Ricky Jones & Larry Morgan


Yep... That's a wheelie bar alright


On Your Mark... Get Set...

V. Gaines & Mike Edwards


I Don't Need No Stinkin' Car!

Robert Hight


This is my thumb!

Mike & Ronnie


HA! That was funny!

Karen, Pat & James

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