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Photos > O'Reilly Spring Nationals - April 2006
On Friday, March 31, 2006 the gang (reduced to Pat, Karen & Ronnie) trekked towards Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas with trailer in tow for another weekend of NHRA drag racing.

This year we opted to skip the KOA and remain on the grounds for the entire weekend. The campground provided a great source of continued entertainment and the opportunity to meet Rick James! Actually, it was Rick and James from Austin. Great company and many laughs!

In traditional race weekend fashion, we hit the pits on Friday to secure freebies and meet drivers. Ronnie just couldn't get enough of the race girls, providing them the opportunity of free photo sessions.

Karen became ill and missed the Friday night qualifying session, while Tracy and Emi made a cameo appearance on Saturday night.


Karen & Ronnie
  I'm Not a Gremlin!
Karen & Nani
  No camp is complete without a Margarita Machine!   She wants me!
Pat & Hillary Will
  Such a lady's man!
Pat with the Brut Girls
I'm such a Stud!
Ronnie & the Brut Girls
  Karen, What do we have here?
Ronnie & Pat
  He knows he wants me!
Greg Anderson & Karen
  This is going to be one long race!
Mike Edwards
I don't think anyone seen me take that hat!
  I wonder if she knows what I am thinking?
Ronnie with a Skoal Girl
  I wonder if Ronnie knows he is missing the shot?
Pat with a Skoal Girl
  Look Pat... I found 2 more!
Ronnie with more Brut Girls
  Why did I drink so much?
Night qualifying preparations.
Ron Capps & Scott Kalitta
  Dashboard Decor!   I'm milking this beer!
  This tastes great... What flavor is it?
  Does your drink need any more flavoring?
Emi & Tracy