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After a late start towards our destination, we finally arrived in Baytown, Texas at Houston Raceway Park on April 16th for a drag racing filled weekend.  Amongst other exciting activities.  This weekend brought a new team member into John Force Racing... Eric Medlen.  Former JFR member, Tony Pedregon, formed his own team and there were numerous other changes to team ranks were unveiled.  As normal, we enjoyed the regular activities of the weekend...  Free S#@t Friday, Tailgating, meeting the drivers and great drag racing.

As the season progressed, we soon found this weekend to be one of very fond memories.  This weekend was the last opportunity we had to meet with and watch an upcoming driver...  Darrell Russell.  Darrell was a true gentleman and will be missed.


Photos > O'Reilly Spring Nationals - April 2004



Rookie Run

Eric Medlen


Words of encouragement from John Force


Burnin' Rubber!

Scott Kalitta


I'm taller than her!

Angelle Sampey & Pat


What a cute couple!

Antron Brown & Karen


Go fast Golf Kart!


Look ma... No teeth!

GT Tonglet, Karen & Andrew Hines


New Friends...

Eric Medlen & Karen


Look... I got an old one!

Look... I got a youngen!

Karen & Gary Densham


That old guy wore me out!



Now that's funny!



Now that's a beer...



Quinchin' da thirst!



I'm fighting back the urge to hold you!

Ronnie & Angelle Sampey


Power to the Powerade

Eric Medlen


I see lizards...

Pat & Karen Stoffer


He was so glad to meet me...

Willie G. Davidson & Pat


and he had to have a picture!

Willie G. Davidson & Pat


I got to have a picture with Pat's fan!

Karen & Willie G. Davidson


Staging Fuel Funny Cars!


Preparing to stage...

Brandon Bernstein & Clay Millican


Awards Ceremony

Karen Stoffer & Brandon Bernstein


Winner's Circle...

Greg Anderson, Karen Stoffer & Brandon Bernstein


PowerAde Champions!



Aftermath of 1st win celebration!

Karen Stoffer & Kare