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Photos > Ronnie Turns 40 - June 2007
Oh Boy!

On this day, June 23, 2007, Ronnie thought he & Pat would celebrate his battle with Father Time with a fishing trip.  Again, he under estimated the master of mischief.  So as it goes, Ronnie arrived with a truck full of fishing gear only to be met by a houseful of friends ready & willing to introduce him to Father Time.  After the rain stopped and the margaritas were frozen, the Luau began.


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The Big Kahuna

Henry & Brenda


Hula Girls

Emi & Karen


Where's her lei?



Nice lei's!

Gail & Stephanie


This is some good stuff!



Little Kahuna



Lei Talk!

Elizabeth & Mike


Future Hula Girls

Jordan & Madison


These people are nuts!



Hear no evil, see no evil & speak no evil

Ronnie, Alex & Mike


Do you see any gray?

Ronnie & Alex


Yeah right!

Ronnie & Alex


The Pat's


I'm gonna get a running start!

Krazy Kevin & Tracy


Calling in a lifeline



This thing is broken



Party on the Patio!


Do these teeth scare you?



You talkin' to me?

Brenda, LeighAnne & Emi


Hey Koolaide!

Gail, Stephanie & Pat


You better not be taking my picture!

Pat, Karen, Emi & LeighAnne


Ha...  They are talking about a Lei

Emi, SenLy & Stephanie


We all got Lei'd!

SenLy, Emi, Gail, Stephanie, Karen & Pat


Do we have a virgin in the bunch?

Emi & SenLy


That's just how I roll...

Tracy & Teague

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