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Photos > New Orleans Mardi Gras - March 2003
On February 28, 2003, after drinking every beer at the Houston Aeros game, Pat & Karen challenged Henry & Brenda to a road trip.  The game after the game was on...  Brenda & Henry rushed home to pack, while Pat & Karen made a pit stop to round up Tim & Edith.

After a couple pit stops, in route to Luke & Lorchid's, to wet the whistle and try our luck at slots in Lake Charles, we arrived just in time to pinch a couple tails.  Henry & Brenda upped the ante to the challenge and returned to Houston following the parades.  Meanwhile, the rest of us stayed behind to watch Edith's musical debut on Bourbon Street the following day.


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Suckin' Head

Edith & Tim


And now for the rest of the story...

Henry, Edith & Luke


Do I have room for the good shots?

Edith & Tim


Hello New Orleans!



How 'bout those hats?

Luke, Henry, Pat & Karen


Wait...  Those aren't edible!

Pat & Luke


What's over there?

Brenda, Henry, Lorchid & Tim


Look at me...



Mardi Gras Love Birds

Brenda & Henry


Don't I look festive?

Luke & Karen


Another Pardi Gras photo opportunity

Karen & Lorchid


Anyone need a light?


Floats a rollin'


Grand Poobah


Aren't we a cute couple?

Edith & Tim


Luke, Karen & Lorchid


Lorchid, Pat & Luke


King of Pardi Gras



Deer in headlights!

Luke & Lorchid


Potty Break

Lorchid & Karen


Must have been hot outside!

  Why aren't they throwing any beads?            
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