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Photos > New Orleans Mardi Gras - February 2008

After a year of detox and poking fun of Ronnie's first Mardi Gras experience, we piled in the car and headed east on January 31, 2008.  Shortly after checking into the hotel early Friday morning in Baton Rouge, Pat & Ronnie headed across the river to try their luck in the casino.  There wasn't any!

After a few hours of rest, we completed the trek to our final destination to enjoy the festivities of Mardi Gras.  Following the traditional crawfish boil, we headed out to the parade route of Orpheus in Mandeville.  While Friday's festivities weren't as eventful as last year's, they did led to a slow rise Saturday.  After rounding everyone up, we begin our march across Lake Pontchartrain to camp out along the parade route of Endymion.  After depleting our beverage supply, we were compelled to restock and the "Krewe We Ran Outta Brew" parade was born.  After marching blocks away, the real challenge began after a quick stop at the cash register.  Some would call this exercise, we call it thirst.  We finally arrived back at our spot and enjoyed a great parade.  And yet another slow start the morning after, but we managed to muster up enough stamina make the annual tour of the French Quarter.  Later on, we stopped in on Luke's sister Pickles and she was thrilled!

Click on the thumbnails and enjoy our 2008 Mardi Gras New Orleans experience.


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Now dats how ya do it

Ronnie & Luke


Geez that was a long trip



Are you expecting me to believe that story?

Ronnie & Lorchid


Man without beverage



It's a Family Affair

1/2 of Ava, Kenny, Katie, Jessica & Taylor





You're all mine



Are we ready yet?

Marty, Ronnie & Lorchid


I think it might be leaking!



Let's go

Cheryl & Luke


Sharin' the love

Jessica & Lorchid


Where's Orpheus?

Tiffany, Shaun, Ronnie, Cheryl & Marty


It's pretty darn cold out!

Cheryl & Marty


Huddle up

Ronnie, Luke & Lorchid


They're up to something!

Karen & Cheryl


Try this drink

Tiffany & Shaun


I'll keep you warm baby!

Luke & Lorchid


I'll rest right here

Luke & Lorchid


We love parades!

Ronnie & Cheryl


Bring on that bayou!



Mobile Music



Who Dat?


What's going on behind us?

Tiffany, Shaun & Pat


Ready the dogs... I'm off to Iditarod!


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