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Photos > New Orleans Mardi Gras - February 2006
Our annual visit began on February 23, 2006 unaware of what to expect upon our arrival.  This would be our first trip back to the area since Hurricane Katrina caused Luke & Lorchid to seek shelter at our home in August 2005.  While they settled in on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville, there was a great amount to tend to back at their home in Chalmette. 

After getting oriented with the new surroundings and local watering holes, our journey to the parades brought us through the ravaged area they once called home.  Unlike most of our ventures, the pictures we took can't explain our experience of the devastation left behind, nor the loss by so many of Luke & Lorchid's family and friends.   While looking at these pictures, keep in mind that this is almost 6 months after landfall.


Looking down Corinne Avenue on our way to Luke & Lorchid's house   Looking across the street from Luke & Lorchid's house   Looking down their street   Looking across the neighbors yard while standing in the driveway   The waterline on the neighbors wall gives a good idea of the water height
This was a unusual find... Not sure where it came from, but it says a lot!   Another look from their driveway   Lorchid's brothers home   Yes... that is a car under there!   Corner of Champagna & Florida Avenue
Driving down Florida Avenue   The levee is to the right!   This boat on Mumphrey Road was the focal point of media coverage   Lorchid's mothers home a few blocks away.   The crowds waiting for throws on St. Charles

Waiting for the Krewe of Tucks.

Lorchid & Luke


Do I look bored?



Ahhh... Here we go!


Super Float!


A sign of times!




Throw me somethin' Mister!




Smoke Break!