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Photos > New Orleans Mardi Gras - February 2005
On February 5, 2005 we traveled to Chalmette, Louisiana for our annual Mardi Gras visit  with Pat's Navy buddy Luke & wife Lorchid.  Although we attended Mardi Gras in Galveston the previous weekend, this would be KaSandra's first true Mardi Gras!

In traditional Mardi Gras fashion, we attended several parades and ate plenty of Luke's famous mud bugs.



Waiting for Endymion

Lorchid & Luke


Ahh..  Her first Mardi Gras!

KaSandra & Pat


Pre-Parade Festivities

Karen, Lorchid & Luke

  Andre, Kim, Kenny, Stacy    

Strike a pose!

Pat & Karen


God of Thunder!

Gene Simmons


... or is it Dr. Love?


Where's the rest of the group?

Gene Simmons


Clowning Around


Show me some loving!

Luke & Lorchid




Can you get that out of my face?

KaSandra & Pat




Chunking Spears


Throw me some beads mister!



I Need a refill!

Lorchid & Luke


Where's the beer?

Luke & Pat


Floats Keep Rollin'


Toot... Toot






I'm in heaven

Lorchid & Pat


Last Dance of the Night!

Pat & Luke