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Photos > Dragapoluza - March 2008
The folks at Houston Raceway Park were kind enough to provide us with a handful of tickets to this American Drag Racing League event and we welcomed the challenge to enjoy a day of racing.  As luck would have it, a cold front blew in the night before, making it a tad bit chilly.


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Here we go!
Lane, Mike & Ronnie
  Snack Time
Karen & Nani
  You talkin' to me?
Ronnie, Larry, Lane & Mike
  Sweet Ride!   Judgin' from the bullet holes, this kids hanging with the wrong crowd!
Purple Power!   Refreshment Time
Karen, Ronnie, Mike & Lane
  Listen up!
Karen, Mike & Larry
  What's he doin' up there?
  Air Traffic Control!
  A little somethin' for the men folk   What's the big hurry?   Lady's man!
  Looks like someone has Tracy beat!
Pay attention to the girls not the picture.
  Here comes trouble!
Tracy, Karen, Lane & Ronnie
  and they're off!   It looks like a ticket!
Mike & Tracy
  Sign language for, "we knew it was a ticket!"
Mike & Tracy
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