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Photos > Captain Elliots - August 2004
On Monday, August 16, 2004, Pat, Mike and Dad set sail in Freeport, Texas for a day of deep sea fishing aboard the Blue Fin.  The trip, organized by Dad's co-workers at Capro and chartered by Captain Elliots Party Boats, was a 12 hour tour of the deep blue sea.

After a 3 hour trip to reach the first fishing hole, about 40 miles out, the fishing adventure was underway.  The group was successful in loading the icebox with plenty of fresh fish.



Sporting the new Solutions Through Tecknowlogy attire!

Dad & Mike


Another look at the latest fashion!

Pat & Dad


Sunrise over the

Gulf of Mexico


Patiently waiting!



Are we getting close?



I think we are getting close!



Hey... Watch your fingers!



On to the next hole!

Mike & Dad


Nice Catch!

Pat's AmberJack


Another shot of Pat's AmberJack


C'mon Baby!



Nice Pompano Dad!


Got AmberJack?

Pat & Mike


I'm eatin' good tonight!

Pat & Mike


Look at the size of these!

Mike's Hand











The Pompano won that battle!

Dad & Mike


Heading Home...

Dad & Mike


Quite a mess of fish!



We need more hooks!


The Gang!